Automated Car Parking Monitoring System

Automated Car Parking Monitoring System with Numerous Attributes

Automated car parking administration system is primarily a style, developed in such a way so about handle many car-park areas where each car-park area is furnished with an automated till. This system is enabled with an entry entrance and a departure entrance with shut circuit television electronic cameras for capturing the image of the number plate of a lorry on its means in and out respectively. Automated Car Parking Administration interacts by the medium of internet with a push-button control facility. Automated Management System offers state-of-the-art car parking monitoring system that meets the demands of professional and ingenious management of modern-day car parking. In this computerized system, we can give car-parking systems for both ground level car park and multi-storey car parking with several features.

Automated Car Parking Monitoring System

These features include:

  • Access to the area
  • Control of lorry flows
  • Guidebook and automatic setting of payments
  • Could supply account and administrative declarations to the authorized person
  • Access control 24×7 with registration plate recognition
  • Automatic procedure of entrances and retractable articles
  • Schedule control
  • Time and client account management
  • Public and private car park monitoring

Automated car parking is fully automatic, central solution for your multi-site, multi-zone car parks, which is offered 24×7 throughout the week. As we know, it is based upon number plate recognition for this reason extremely simple to utilize.


  • Safety for public car parks, business car parks, financial institutions, terminals, administrations, and so on
  • Access control for hotels, clubs, camp-sites, etc.
  • Access control for commercial providers and logistics.
  • Automatic invoicing.

Automated Car Park Monitoring system could likewise be integrated with car park monitoring software application that could take care of:.

  • Website format.
  • Up-to-date individuals file.
  • Arrange each control factor/ customer.
  • Variety of available garage per area.
  • In & out circulation report.
  • Car parking time/ price administration.
  • Allocations in common car parks.

In this system, big parking websites can be handled by adjoining several individual websites. All accessibility points are after that centrally taken care of from a centralized web server. A computerized car parking system consisted of a vehicle parking shelf and a minimum of one car-lifting feeder. The parking shelf is divided into a plurality of garage. This car-lifting feeder has a set of comb-like wings for bring a vehicle into a pair of comb-like systems, which are made on each parking space in the car parking shelf and click Parkvel to get some details.